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Chris has been showing horses and dogs since the early 1970’s. She was quite successful showing her Appaloosas in both Western and English events. Her Mom’s mare, “Flac”, one of Chris’ favorites, qualified for the Appaloosa National Show in Oklahoma City 3 years in a row in a different category each year: Western Pleasure, Hunter/Jumper and Gaming Events. She also became show agent and trainer for other owners including Arabians, Palaminos and a Paint Horse.

Chris and appy

In the late 70’s, horse showing was more than a young family’s budget could handle, so Chris’ focus changed to dogs as her competitive outlet. After much research, she settled on Boston Terriers because of their outgoing nature and reputation as a great family companion. She supplemented her show expenses by working as a veterinary technician and assistant and also grooming dogs. Her first show dog, “Penny”, achieved her major points and was nearing her championship when she passed away due to surgical complications of a c-section. This event, and then a divorce soon after, forced Chris out of the show ring for a time.

In 1990, Bob came into her life along with his Miniature Schnauzer, “Muffet”. Soon, Chris was once again bitten by the show bug and set out to learn all she could about the Miniature Schnauzer. Muffet has endured many hours of Chris’ learning to strip and show groom schnauzers in the “ early days.”

Miss Muffet, age 13

Muffet's memorial is here

Their decision in 1993 to show and raise their dogs under the Shangri-La prefix was two-fold: First, it was to honor Chris’ grandparents and their Shangri-La Nursery in Stewartstown,Pa.; a place of many happy childhood memories. Secondly, it was a testimony of sorts to what they hoped to achieve with their dogs in breeding and showing. To quote Webster’s: “Shangri-la, a beautiful place where life approaches perfection” as depicted in the novel Lost Horizons.

In 1998, Chris once again aquired a Boston Terrier to show and now has several finished champions.

In 2004, Chris and Bob decided the time had come for a small, easy to groom breed that would be easy to show and fun to live with. The stripping and maintainence of schnauzer coats for the show ring has become difficult for Chris due to progressive vertebral degeneration in her neck from an accident in 1991. This degeneration has caused a loss of feeling and dexterity in her hands. The breed we were looking for had to fit in with our other dogs with the same energy levels and intelligence. This research led us back to an "old" breed, one that Bob had in his younger years:The Toy Fox Terrier. The breed has been around for many years and was registered and shown with the United Kennel Club (UKC). In 2003, the TFT made it's debut in the show rings of the American Kennel Club (AKC).

In late 2006, we decided to take a hiatus raising and showing TFT's. We placed all but our two favorites. Pita, who was our first champion, and Cher, her daughter will continue to reside here as cherished pets. We wish to thank Kelley and Alex Maldon for their help, mentoring and support during this time and their understanding in our decision not to continue raising TFT's at this time

February 2010 we decided to venture back into raising/showing TFT's on a limited basis.

Pita was bred to Ch Valcopy C-Lyn Sharpshooter. They produced 3 lovely girls!

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Chris has over 25 years experience as a Veterinarian Assistant and Technician. She is also a member of the American Miniature Schnauzer Club, the Boston Terrier Club of America

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