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Frequently Asked Questions

Grooming FAQ

* I just got a new puppy. How soon should he visit the groomerís?

As soon as possible, providing he is up to date on all his puppy vaccinations at the time. I like to schedule a puppy's first appointment at 10- 12 weeks of age. Even if you choose not to do a full groom at this time, depending on the breed, the puppy can still get their nails trimmed, privates clippered for cleanliness, ears cleaned and a bath and conditioning. The earlier you start these things, the quicker the puppy comes to realize that this is a part of life.

* What should I do at home with my new puppy between groomings?

The breeder you obtained your puppy from should have given you a list of "at home" grooming supplies. (if not I can assist you with a list suited for your breed)
Start by brushing/combing at least twice a week. Find a table or counter you can get the puppy onto for stability (a washing machine/dryer works great with a bath mat!) Teach the puppy to stand quietly for brushing/combing. Handle the feet a lot! Just pick up each paw and massage it gently between your fingers to get them used to being handled. Puppy nails grow FAST, just like a baby! Trim weekly with a nail cutter. The more the dog is handled and expected to behave, the easier the grooming job for your groomer!

* Should I bathe my dog between groomings? How often?

This all depends on the activity level of your dog and how much "doggy odor" you can live with! I recommend no more often than once a week for long hair breeds which can pick up odors to maybe once in 3 weeks for couch potato types. For long coated breeds, ALWAYS brush and comb first to remove any tangles. Tangles, once wetted down, become nasty messes to remove later! A good detangler to use if necessary is Johnsonís No More Tangles...it can be used on wet or dry hair.

* My dog got gum/candy in itís coat! Can it be removed without cutting it out?

YES! A good trick to use in this case is PAM cooking spray. Get your dog up on his "brushing area" and isolate the gum as best you can. Spray it well with the cooking spray. Rub it all around the hairs and the mass of gum. Take a metal comb and, using mostly a single tooth, gently work your way down through the wad, working from the outer edges inward . Patience is the key. The cooking spray helps coat the gum and removal can be accomplished.

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