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Sample of Purchase Agreement


Purchase Agreement

The following contract is entered into by Chris and Bob Kemper, known herein as the sellers/breeders and:



Phone Number:

Known herein as the purchasers in regards to the purchase of the dog described as follows:

Registered Name:
Call Name:
Date of Birth:

The purchasers have agreed to a price of:
A deposit of %50 purchase price is required if the puppy is to be held more than 7 days from the date of this agreement.

Balance due:
Proposed delivery date:

The sellers attest to the fact that the dog is in good health at the time of purchase and is up to date on applicable vaccinations. It is recommended that the purchasers visit a veterinarian of their choice within 72 hours to have a "new purchase exam". This new puppy exam is for your protection as well as the sellers/breeders to assure you that you have received a healthy puppy at the time of purchase.

We as sellers/breeders strive to maintain the integrity of our chosen breeds by doing thorough research into bloodlines in regards to soundness, temperament and genetic health before we breed our dogs. To this end, we guarantee the puppy/dog you are acquiring to be free from any defects as mentioned above at the time of delivery. Should a problem arise in the future, please contact us immediately! It is important for us to know if any problems do arise so that we may be aware of this in planning any future breedings. Compensation would be a refund up to the original purchase price for a non-life threatening condition. Purchase price OR replacement, if available, if condition causes death or euthanasia of dog. Since MOST inherited conditions become evident in the first 12 months, this refund/replacement guarantee is valid until the dog reaches 12 mos of age. The breeders/sellers retain the right to obtain a second opinion at their own expense. Also, this guarantee does NOT include issues such as pancreatitis or diabetes. While some breeds show a predisposition to developing such issues, diet plays a key role in thier development. The purchasers have been given a comprehensive instruction booklet with feeding recommendations and other important information on raising a healthy companion. Not following the recommended guidelines given by the breeder/seller without prior consultation will void this contract.

***It has been agreed that the purchasers are acquiring this dog as a companion animal and not for breeding/show purposes. As such, it is recommended that at the appropriate age, the dog be spayed/neutered. The purchasers will receive a "limited" registration application. With this type of registration, the dog will be eligible for certain AKC sanctioned events such as obedience, agility and Junior Showmanship (as listed in the AKC guide "RULES FOR REGISTRATION AND DOG SHOWS") but ineligible for conformation shows. Also, no offspring produced by this dog will be eligible for registration.

MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS ONLY: You have requested a puppy with
___ Natural, uncropped ears. _____ Cropped ears
Purchaser agrees that if choosing uncropped ears they will NOT have the surgery performed by any other veterinarian. Instructions will be given how to train natural ears to set properly.
Purchaser acknowledges if opting for cropped ears, this increases pick up time by 2 weeks. Puppies will NOT be relased to new homes until ears are completely healed

The seller/breeder agrees that if the purchasers feel that the dog is not adjusting well to his/her new surroundings or things are just not "working out" to their satisfaction within 14 days of acquiring the dog, they may return the dog for a full refund of purchase price, less deposit, provided that the dog has not been abused, neglected or harmed in any way while in their care. The seller/breeder reserves the right to have the dog examined by a veterinarian if there is any question regarding the health of the dog before a refund is issued.

The purchasers agree that the dog is to be kept as an indoor dog. He/she will either be kept in a fenced enclosure under supervision or on a leash when out of doors and not allowed to roam freely.

Purchasers agree to provide reasonable veterinary care including, but not limited to vaccinations as necessary, and heartworm preventative. Guidelines for veterinary care are included in the instruction booklet.

***If, at ANY time during the life of the dog, circumstances arise where the purchasers are no longer able to keep or care for the dog, they agree to contact the seller/breeder who will either accept the dog back or locate a suitable home.

We also strongly urge purchasers to keep our name and address on file with your veterinarian and with any documents pertaining to estate matters in the event of sudden death. Even if a family member plans on taking over the guardianship of the dog, please have them notify us so we may note in our records accordingly. NEVER is the dog to be placed at a shelter/ center! We are responsible for life. We will take the dog back and rehome if necessary.

Dated this _____________day of ____________,____.
Purchaser: __________________________________

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